Friday, 22 August 2014

post apoc kung fu wizard part 2

last time

this post is at this time mostly for my gang of thieves who live on facebook. the quick version.

right now i'm pretending the max level cap is 10.

every class starts with a d4 damage die and a d4 speed die.

dice chain:
d4 - d6 - d8 - d10 - d12 - 2d8 - 3d6 - 2d10 - d20 - 3d8
having good stats, gaining levels and getting better equipment can increase your dice

every class gets 8 hp(+/- con modifier) at level 1
d8 hp every level after that

if your luck is at least +1, you can be any class regardless of race and stat requirement.

1-vs-1, 1-vs-2 and 2-vs-2 combat works differently to group combat (just like in a kung fu movie)


seemingly simple travelers who disguise their powerful kung fu wizardry
kung fu dudes - martial artists in general - unarmoured/unarmed combat specialists
the main class - most heroes in this world are just straight up kung fu dudes
easily the best class for 1 on 1 combat
can learn martial arts techniques
limited access to kung fu wizardry (basically just wizard spells but with a kung fu twist)
stat requirement: at least +1 con or str modifier, or a +1 luck modifier
banned race: gnome

living by the code of the post-apoc bushido or something
i guess you could have another kind of melee weapon but swords are the coolest
limited access to kung fu wizardry
limited access to martial arts techniques
huge bonuses to speed and initiative
the best class for group combat
stat requirement: at least a +1 dex modifier, or a +1 luck modifier
banned race: ogre

soldier (aaaaalternatively: gunfighter)
a soldier trained in survival and the use of a gun
fights at 50% effectiveness unarmed or with a melee weapon
100% effective with throwing weapons + guns
military tactics kind of stuff, knowledge of the wasteland, also gun powers
their kung fu and wizardry is pretty weak but they're efficient at utilizing technology
the best class for ranged combat and dealing with minions
run out of ammo on a natural 1 attack roll
stat requirement: none
banned race: elf

a wasteland scavenger exploiting the apocalypse for profit
bonuses to trickiness in 1-vs-1 combat
bonuses to speed
bonuses to throwing weapons
gets 5 thief skills which i guess i'll figure out later
best class for classic thief antics
stat requirement: at least +1 or -1 charisma, or +1 luck
banned race: jinn

a hermit or spiritualist with demonstrable magical powers
limited access to kung fu wizardry
gets d&d spells (though i'm gonna hand out a lot of cool street fighter sounding ones)
best class for d&d wizard/cleric style business
stat requirement: at least +1 wisdom, or +1 luck
banned race: cyborgs & robots

a master of science and technology, both real and mad.
gets access to technology - which is a d12 table of tech you can learn to produce
future tech stuff, lasers, holograms, medicine, cool science shit
has the best information/lore checks ability
bonuses to crafting
not so good at fighting
stat requirement: at least +1 intelligence or +1 luck
banned race: beastman

a being with a potentially infinite number of shapes and forms.
there are 20 limitations to your shapechanging abilities
except when the limitations apply, change shape into whatever you want as much as you want
at level 1, pick 2 limitations that don't apply to you
each level after, d20 to see which limitations no longer applies to you
stat requirement: at least +2 luck
banned race: human

shapechanger limitations:
the unbreakable limitation: you cannot shapechange into other classes to gain other special class abilities

1. transformations have a 5 minute time limit before you have to revert to your true form
2. you must wait 20 minutes in between transformations
3. you may only transform into another organic being
4. your transformed self cannot be stronger than you
5. your transformed self cannot be faster than you
6. your transformed self cannot be more than twice as big or half as small than your true self
7. you cannot transform facial features intricately enough to impersonate someone effectively
8. you must have seen your transformed state before, in real life, not in a picture or drawing.
9. your transformed self still requires air and cannot survive in the vacuum of space
10. when transformed into another being your intelligence matches theirs, but cannot exceed your own
11. you cannot partially transform your body parts ie. just your arm, your organs, etc
12. your transformed state cannot imitate advanced technology or machinery
13. you cannot transform into a gaseous state
14. you cannot transform into a liquid state
15. you cannot transform into an energy state
16. your transformed self displays the same wounds, scars and disabilities as your true self
17. taking damage from fire reverts you back to your true form
18. wizards can sense what you truly are and what your limitations are
19. being transformed for too long makes you exhausted/sleepy/hungry
20. failing any charisma check fucks with your confidence and messes up your powers for an hour