Friday, 22 August 2014

(facebook group part 3) science and magic

this is for a facebook game i'm starting up. part 1 part 2
scientists know science. wizards know magic.


to be known as a scientist, it is presumed you have already accomplished study in at least two fields of research (hereafter known as "spheres")

at level 1, get a +3 and a +(1+int mod.) to two different spheres. use these modifiers when making checks for science stuff (crafting/lore/identify/etc) if the check you're making has something to do with that sphere. rarely you might be able to use this modifier in combat to deal extra damage.

if you can figure out a way to make your spheres overlap on certain checks then add both modifiers.

there are twelve spheres to choose from. if it takes too long to choose between twelve options, roll a d12 twice. i'll admit the list is not as awesome as it potentially could be.

on level up, you may choose to add to your expertise of any sphere by +1.

1. computers - hacking, programming, etc
2. military technology - useful for combat, especially for crafting guns
3. communications & scanning - just like from star trek
4. biology - medicine, cloning, mutants, whatever
5. chemistry & physics - drugs, metallurgy, theoretical physics
6. robotics - both the software and hardware aspects
7. forensic science & psychology - detective lab stuff
8. vehicular mechanics - you're good with engines and motors, planes, cars, boats
9. beams, lasers, energy manipulation - mad science stuff
10. brain science and parapsychology - hypnotism, mentalism, theories regarding ESP
11. environmental science & zoology - herblore, animal-lore, nature science
12. rocket science - rocket ships, astrophysics, jetpacks!!


wizards can cast cleric and wizard spells from any dnd style game. I think Matt Rundle made a wizard spell generator, and if he didn't then he should.

all spells are the same level.

wizards can cast (HD+wis mod) spells per day.
at level 1 you start with (2+luck mod) spells
you don't get new spells by leveling up, you have to go discover them somehow
if your luck modifier is at least +1, you can choose to know either a healing or a fireball-type damage spell as one of your level 1 spells.