Tuesday, 22 July 2014

thief skills

everybody's got their own list of thief skills i guess

here's mine, heavily influenced by 3e D&D, LOTFP and DCC

placed here for easy reference. 10 is a good amount of skills to have; d10 is a sacred die.

probably still needs some tweaks

1. Sneak (move silently, hide in shadows)
x/6 chance of moving silently or unseen

2. Sleight of Hand
x/6 chance to steal objects or manipulate objects intricately

3. Backstab
attack from stealth for critical damage
works differently for thieves vs assassins
thieves:  make a sneak check, and if successful, add the result to a x/6 backstab check. If successful, add the result to AB and damage
assassins: x/6 chance of making (the result) number of attacks against a target, +(the result) damage if attack was from stealth or against a weak spot

4. Tinker
(disarm trap, lock pick, craft)
x/6 chance to disarm a trap, pick a lock or understand gadgetry
+x to craft checks

5. Spot
(search, appraise, listen, detect trap, sense motive)
x/6 chance to detect vital information about an object, person or area, player doesn’t see the result of their own spot check

6. Deception
(disguise, bluff, forgery)
x/6 chance to lie or create falsehood, or to manipulate conversation

7. Acrobatics
(tumble, reflexes, climbing)
x/6 chance of performing amazing acts of nimble athleticism

8. Languages
(cast from scroll)
PC knows x/6 +INT number of languages, decide which ones whenever you want
and you have a x/6 chance of successfully using magic items or scrolls

9. Poisons
(apply poison to weapon for d6 extra weapon damage)
by adding poison to a weapon, x/6 chance of adding the result to damage for 1 round
special poisons with superior effects or durations can be found and used instead

10. Bushcraft
(tracking, survival, alchemy, herbalism)
x/6 chance to track a foe
x/6 chance to gather materials from the wilderness
+x to craft checks involving potions, poisons, antidotes or scavenged materials
+x to spot checks involving nature, alchemy, herbalism