Monday, 28 July 2014

killer instinct

killer instinct

warriors have their own dark knowledge, an understanding of power and presence and emotion.

without even drawing a weapon, a fighter can roll to affect foes with their presence.

X times/day, when combat is initiated or when the fighter has successfully slain a foe, you may unleash your killer instinct - at the moment when you hand grips your weapon, and when you return it to it's sheath.

pick two of these based on your alignment. if your character later has a change of heart and changes alignment, don't change which options you picked. if you're not using an alignment system, just pick two.

Empathy - understand the foe's point of view - +2 charisma checks
Righteousness - evil creatures fear and try to flee from you, good creatures respect you

Blood-Curdle - foe's blood freezes, becomes nauseous, d4 damage, affects non-evil allies
Psychology - detect a foe's secret weakness, hidden blindspot, phobia.

Loathing - you know exactly what to do to piss off an enemy - all affected will only target you
Berserk - your presence elicits an animal response, causing peaceful crowds to become angry mobs

Paralyze - the foe is frozen with trepidation - all affected are stunned or slowed
Silence - astonishes a foe, leaving them speechless, thoughtless, off guard

Pressure - foe's hands begin to shake, and they don't know why, -2 to attack rolls, -1 to damage rolls
Ignorance - you hide your chi, completely disguising your killer instinct. you appear like a nobody.

you can target a single or a group of creatures. targeting a single creature doubles the effect. creatures with HD greater than your level get a will save.