Tuesday, 22 July 2014


old foes of men and beasts
best not spoken of

who slew the great fyre-wyrm SALAMANDUS a thousand years ago
and ate it’s heart and freed the slaves and allowed men to rise to power

HECATE (chaotic)
goddess of witches and dark nature, and foul decisions at crossroads, cats, and chaotic or nature magic.
the beast-men and the dwarves adore her above all

LEN-ZO (len-zo = neutral.)
-LEN, of the Heavens, god of peace (neutral)
the first GOLD ELF
who made peace between men and spirits
all elves hold him in the greatest esteem.
-ZO, of the Earth, god of war (neutral)
ZUR’s son, and the greatest of all kings
possessed amazing powers of precognition and telepathy
LEN and ZO, two
became LEN-ZO, one
and then became king of the Underworld
"to achieve greatness, the spirit must be at peace with itself, and the mind must be at war with itself. the body must be as nothing."

ZAGREUS (the ash-gods) (good)
a great spirit of nature, who commanded
the crashing of waves and the howling of winds
who watched with interest the activity of men
and taught them things
and did not beset them the winds and the waves.

thus, it was brought before the creators
who, with their swords of blue flame
divided it infinitely
and threw the infinite ashes to the air, obscuring the sun.

each falling particle of ash
retained it’s compassion for men
and each became a new spirit, a small spirit
each with a name and a place


GARKADUN (chaotic)
a western trickster god, a baboon with the head of a crocodile
who torments only for amusement
who controls time, the greatest joke

KARNOPTIKON (the blight mother, the harvest mother) (neutral)
foul mother of plague and pestilence
whose children are innumerable
and whose hunger is insatiable.
the HARVEST MOTHER, who provides,
the BLIGHT MOTHER, who punishes,
she is one and the other, but never both

the BENEFACTORS (chaotic)
great beings from beyond this world
who, without concern, mutilate the natural order
and defy prophecy and seek hungrily to possess all knowledge

the King of Skin, an immensely powerful warlock who achieved immortality

the vile utterer, the changer-for-the-worse

the MOIRAI (lawful)
the three weavers of fate, memory, thought & foresight
they have the priviledge of choosing when someone dies, including gods
so everyone fears them
but they do not intervene on behalf of mortals

the king of eagles, who guards the world-tree
kind of a dragon/eagle/griffin looking guy
earning his favour can lead to teleportation via deus ex machina eagle flight

CHIMERA (neutral)
the dragon god
mother of Bahamut (lawful) and Tiamat (chaotic)
grandmother of all dragons
worshipped by dragons
and the ranging nomads of the mountain

SILENUS (chaotic)
the instructor of heroes
god of food, wine, comfort, sexual indulgence
knows all fine things: art, science, war
lives in the forest
assumes animal form to rape passers-by
worshipped by beasts
and the ranging nomads of the forest

TETHYS and ACHELOUS, (neutral)
the two great river gods
wife and husband, TETHYS is the greater
and ACHELOUS is devoted to her.
their daughters (nymphs, oceanids, sirens, etc) guard bodies of water. (lesser rivers and tributaries, or lonely wellsprings, or the ocean)
those who offend them are prevented from crossing the water.
worshipped by birds and fish
and the ranging nomads of the floodplain

SKULLA (evil)
the queen of darkness and the maelstrom who delights in destruction and decay
served by ravens, buzzards and krakens
worshipped by the dark terrors who dwell in the ocean
and the ranging nomads of Skull Island

AMEMAR (evil)
the king of bad ideas
the god of suffering and slavery
he is both slave and slavemaster
the creator of all djinn, who worship him with their hatred
djinn are born from his suffering
brought on by a crown that is too tight
his will commands all elemental spirits

THEMIS (good)
too beautiful to behold
the queen of art and creation
died long ago for forgotten reasons

MITHRA (lawful)
who binds oaths and covenants
and judges truths
the guardian of cattle and harvest and the sacred waters of healing

the SUN KING (lawful) and the MOON QUEEN (good)
the sky gods of the dark elves and the mountain men.
the sun king grants power - the moon queen grants insight.

SLAADWUGLI (chaotic)
the infinite star toad
god of the slaad, the bullywug and the grippli frog tribes
came from a distant planet to slowly release her eggs into the earth's molten core over the course of the next 500,000 years

the TURTLE SAGE (good)
an immortal philosopher monk who lives on a mountain on an island
who has deep thoughts and shares near-omniscient insight
the best guy to ask advice
despite being worshipped as a god, he's mostly just a dude

LEVIATHAN (lawful)
a monstrous seeker-of-knowledge and asker-of-questions
who commands the mimics
but despises all of creation and rejects conventional worship
it has an open agreement with wizards wherein it is willing to exchanges knowledge for knowledge.
if you tell it something it already knows then it destroys you immediately, without hesitation

JU (neutral)
one of the old beast gods
the slime queen

HASGUIL (chaotic)
one of the old beast gods
the god of hogs and vermin

MEDUSA (evil)
cursed with wickedness
goddess of curses, snakes, gorgons, naga
worshipped by blood elves and evil clerics

the first vampire, still alive today
very powerful, almost truly immortal;
killing him would kill all other vampires.
hideous, cruel, cunning, demonic, ancient

reports from the far beyond report other great deities, specifically:
-a great god of rain with a demonic appearance, who grants protection but demands human sacrifice
- a god of the forest who appears at sunset and commands volcanoes
- gods who are trapped and enslaved and forced to work as supercomputers
- a deity who manifests exclusively as a healing wind which destroys the unclean or impure
- gods of dreams, wondrous muses, worshipped through totem spirits.
- the worship of one's own ancestors or past lives.
- a god of swords, who exists exclusively in the beholder's sword and in none other.


devils, archdemons and succubi are worshipped by evil men
many minor demons live in hell and are chumps, and usually can be commanded by wizards
the DEVIL however is super-powerful badass

reports differ on how many devils there actually are - each one claims that there is only ever one at a time. apparently they're lying because there's actually seven of them. usually you never see two of them in the same room together. when you do it's because one of them is about to die.

Pride – Lucifer – the Monarch – the King of Hell

Wrath – Aamon  – the General – the Usurper – he who stood against the Almighty

Envy – Behemoth – the Opponent – the Dissident – who will destroy all

Gluttony – Beelzebub – Pestilence – the Devourer –

Greed – Mammon – the Possessor of all things – the Dark Potentate – the Warden of Souls

Sloth – Belphegor – the begetter of demons – the slave-driver, flail-wielder

Lust – Asmodeus – the coercer – the whisperer – the bargainer

in the ancient wicked prophecies it's said that at the end of days the four sleeping arch-demons will awaken and reward their demonic followers with bloodshed and destruction.

PESTILENCE – the false prophet
WAR – persecution and bloodshed
FAMINE – inequality
DEATH - apocalypse

the four mothers of demons, the succubi –

who are the goddesses of vampires and gorgons. they often try and seduce innocents, especially holy men. if successful, they devour their victim's vital essence and transform it into a baby demon, which matures in 6 seconds and devours the innocent's lifeless husk.